Hadoop – PIG

Pig or Pig Latin is a language.

It helps analyst to concentrate on analytic work by removing map-reduce programming complexity.

PIG is high-level language and it converts its operators into MapReduce code.

So with the help of PIG, a without knowledge of Java and MapReduce programming, a developer can use SORT and FILTER operators.

User defined function is also a very strong feature of PIG. (For example: In my first program, I put title in front of first name based on gender and age.) UDF can write in JAVA language.

Pig can run in interactive mode and script mode. (In script mode, we write commands in file and then executes)

In interactive mode, Grunt shell is invoked.

Pig gives a one more facility, developer can run PIG in local file system in local mode. It is useful for testing small amount of data.

When PIG runs on a Hadoop cluster or MapReduce mode, PIG statements convert into MapReduce code.

Vikas Jindal


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