Time Management

Time Management has two words, Time and Management. I scare from both. In case I had studied Management in my 11 and 12th standard and later PGDIT course. But I didn’t like Management.

Time is God and most precious and unrecoverable thing. If you lose time then you lose everything and you can’t get back it.
Now come to the Time Management, It is a process in which you manage or handle your own most precious thing.

According to Wikipedia.org “Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.”

From above definition one example of Time Management came in my mind. School could be a good example of it. Because there we study different subjects and do different activities for definite span of time even we like that activity or not.

Some people know how to do Time Management and some people have to learn it. Who knows it became successful.

It is not necessary to attend course for learning Time Management.

I am sharing some techniques for Time Management:

1) Keep To-Do list with you.
2) Set Goals for you, small or big. Follow them and mark progress.
3) Set priority of tasks.
4) Procrastination, A habit of postponing work. Don’t let develop this habit in you.
5) Take tasks according to your capacity. Don’t take too much.
6) Take break and review your progress, if failed to achieve your goals then don’t dishearten and reset your goal. If you achieved goal then set harder goal for you.

By Vikas Jindal


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